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Wordsmiths & Co. - Phil Brown

Presented in partnership with Warwick Arts Centre, Nine Arches Press and Apples and Snakes


The UK’s first live poetry talk show, featuring poets you know from the pages of books and from festival stages. A rare opportunity to witness them sharing stories, poems and opinions as they engage in no-holds-barred conversation right before your widened eyes.

GASP as words are made to perform daring feats of sound and meaning! Shudder as you discover how your favourite poems came to be! Cheer wildly at the apparent humanity of their creators!

This is live poetry. This is not for the faint of heart. This is Wordsmiths & Co.

 “Phil Brown’s poems jump across the page, play with language and meaning, and interrogate – thumb in collar – our multifarious, simultaneous worlds. From Sir Gawain on the Northern Line to the sleazebag publican – from Chiron in Southend to an American president on his deathbed – these poems blend urban, virtual, and mythical experience through a sharply observant eye, fizzing like intellectual fireworks as they go.” – Katy Evans-Bush

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