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What is Artsmark?
Artsmark is Arts Council England’s programme to enable schools and other organisations to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their arts and cultural provision.  It is delivered by Trinity College London and 10 regional Bridge organisations (of which Apples and Snakes is an associate) who drive participation.

Who can apply?
All primary and secondary schools, further education colleges and youth justice settings in England can apply for Artsmark.

Why should my organisation apply for Artsmark?
Achieving Artsmark status demonstrates that your school or setting has a number of very special qualities. It demonstrates that you:

  • have an arts and cultural provision for all children and young people
  • are forward thinking and open to development
  • are committed to investing in your staff and young people, in effect nurturing talent
  • are committed to listening to your students and providing opportunities for your community
  • have an effective approach to building sustainable relationships with arts and cultural organisations
  • value the arts and culture through a broad and balanced curriculum

Artsmark is a nationally recognized accreditation demonstrating excellence in arts and cultural provision.  It is a way of celebrating and recognising your organisation's success in these key areas.

Apples and Snakes regularly organizes through our successful Poets in Education Scheme for poets to deliver workshops and perform in schools and other settings.  If you book a poet or storyteller through us to work in your school, this can contribute towards your Artsmark.

To find out more about how to apply for an Artsmark please visit www.artsmark.org.uk/apply

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