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Public Address: The Soapbox Tour

Apples and Snakes | Public Address: The Soapbox Tour from Apples and Snakes on Vimeo.

Public Address: The Soapbox Tour, a theatrical spoken word show. From mythological women to reasons for love, from the quirky to the political, from gender to bees and everything in between – performance poets take to their soapboxes and give voice to the passions and stories within us all.

Directed by award-winning poet and theatre-maker Hannah Silva, Public Address: The Soapbox Tour featured eight powerful voices brought together for a unique show brimming with theatrical intensity.

Ensemble: AJ McKenna, Jasmine Gardosi, Justin Coe and Shagufta K
Guest poets: Helen Seymour, Henry Raby, Ingrid McLaren and Keisha Thompson

Filmed and edited by Danielle Shaw – elysiumeight.com

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