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The No Panic Book of Not panicking

The No Panic Book of Not panicking


As part of our arts and health strand Apples and Snakes delivered a four year collaboration with No Panic (Sutton & Merton), a self-help group that provides support to people suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and phobia and writer and storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton.

No Panic had the idea of writing a book about Not Panicking! They felt there was a lack of literature about panic attacks, depression and anxiety, and what was available was not always useful. The group were unable to find something practical written by people who experience the condition themselves. Thus The No Panic Book of Not Panicking communicates their own stories, in their own words, and in an accessible and inspiring way.

In the book you will find stories and poems, biographies and fictions and self-help advice, which the group have written. They found creative writing helped their state of mind, and gave shape to their life and experiences in the form of words. Writing feels safe, inspiring, and enabling and they wanted the book to help others who suffer anxiety like them.

Sally Pomme Clayton ran the creative workshops and helped the group to edit their work, adding to the book some of the creative writing exercises that she developed, so the reader can engage with these too. The book has been illustrated by Ricky K. Chandler  and was launched in June 2016 during London Creativity and Wellbeing Week.

"I've just read the first few chapters of the No Panic Book Of Not Panicking.  I've completed the first two writing exercises and feel the most positive I've felt in a few weeks. Thanks to the group for such a great book. Anxiety is something I've only just begun to really suffer from (or be aware that I'm suffering from, not sure which yet) but already, writing about it is helping me to understand the cause and effect it has personally"
- Audience member

The book is also available in print. If you would like to order a copy, please send a request to info@archive.applesandsnakes.org and transfer £3 via our donations page to cover post and package.


Funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

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