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participatory workshops

A performance poetry workshop is an excellent, fun way to develop the confidence, self-esteem, literacy and life skills of children, young people and adults.

We work with a diverse range of artists for all groups and settings: early years, schools, museums, libraries, youth groups, pupil referral units, and even supermarkets! 

Popular themes include work on identity, National Poetry Day, celebrating black history and Children’s Book Week. Check out our diary dates page for further information on these and other important dates during the year. A workshops can even contribute to the Arts Mark award!

If you would like to discuss the possibility of booking a poet please give us a call on 0845 521 3460 / 0208 465 6149 or email Maria.

We suggest the following options: performance only, performance and workshop, or practical workshops only. Ideally, performances last no more than 20 minutes and workshop sessions between one and two hours.

Please note that Maria normaly works on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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