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We've specially commissioned experienced poets to choose one of their own poems which has been successful in a school workshop. They also tell the story of what inspired them to write that poem and give you a rare insight into the workings of a poet's mind.

Following on from each poem are some of the poet's suggestions for exercises that you could do in the classroom to develop poetic writing. Each poet has approached this in a different way and we hope this gives you a taste of what it might be like to have a poet visit your school. Further links to even more lesson plans can be found on the right.

The Copy Shop
A workshop on Sound & Action by Rosemary Harris
(under 5's)

Contrary Mary Seacole
A Black History workshop on Mary Seacole by Pauline Stewart
(ages 5+)

A workshop on sound by Phil Bowen
(ages 5+)

Revenge of The Television
A workshop on dreams by Francesca Beard
(Ages 7 +)

The Listening Station
A workshop on sounds by Chrissie Gittins
(Ages 7 +)

The Gift of Now 
A workshop on questions by Paul Lyalls
(Ages 7 +)

My Shiny Shoes
A workshop on truth & lies by Margot Henderson
(Ages 7 +)

A workshop about expressing feelings by Jacob Sam La Rose
(Ages 9 + and 12 +)

An Elegy for Two Boys
A workshop dealing with bullying & racism by Raman Mundair
(Ages 11 +)

A workshop on ethics by Roger Robinson
(Ages 12 +)

School Days
A workshop using pictures with words by Ali Gadema (Frisko Dan)
(Ages 13 +)

A Short List of The People I Hate
A workshop on list poems and writing poetry for performance by John Berkavitch
(Ages 14 +).

Served Raw
- A track from our album TwoFive brought to life with a poetry lesson plan written by Kayo Chingonyi

Perspectives - Another track from our album TwoFive brought to life with a poetry lesson plan written by Francesca Beard.

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