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Performance poets

Apples and Snakes work with performance poets, writers and storytellers from across the UK and further afield.

Learn more about all our artists and their work, and see them in action through our growing selection of performance films.
To find a particular artist, or to filter by art form (e.g. storyteller, rapper), please use the Search by Poet application on the right side of the screen. If you are looking for further information about artists working with our Participation and Education department, on schools and outreach projects, please direct the search by using the drop down menu and selecting education poets.


A. F. Harrold

A.F. Harrold has been working as a poet and performer since the early years of this century. His work includes children’s books and...


Abi "Peppers" Idowu

Abi "Peppers" Idowu is a poet, short story writer and playwright. An avid writer and reader, she has performed with artists of great repute...


Abraham Gibson

Abe Gibson is a London-born poet, storyteller and fulltime caretaker with Hackney Council. He was a member of the Brothaman Poetry Collective and...


Adam Kammerling

Adam Kammerling cut his teeth at the open-mic cyphers and rap battles of the Brighton hip-hop scene. Since 2008 he has been performing spoken word...



Adisa is an inspired inspirer. His poetry shares knowledge and wisdom which uplifts the black community. Anyone can tell by the response from his...


Aidan Clarke

Aidan Clarke started writing in 1975 and spent the next 35 years doing one man shows with zero audience other from trees and fields. This...

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