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Artist Developments

At Apples and Snakes we aim to work with as many artists as we can, while maintaining a high quality of delivery.

Our work is focused on emerging artists in performance and education but we continue to work with more established artists, to encourage their ongoing development, ask them to act as mentors, lead masterclasses and to showcase and celebrate excellence.

Developing new talent

We are committed to developing new talent through young writers programmes and youth groups which aim to nurture new and emerging spoken word artists.


Each year we set up specific masterclasses which aim to skill up artists in areas which are useful and relevant to freelance writers and performers. Some of these are open to all, and some are set up on an invited basis. The aim of the Artist Development Masterclasses is to enable participants to become more independent as artists and to build on their toolkits, contacts, ideas and networks, and ultimately to learn from experts in the field.

Mentoring and Shadowing

We are able to offer mentors to artists who we think would benefit from some one-on-one advice and tutoring. Similarly, we can set up shadowing opportunities in schools and other community settings for those artists who would like to learn about teaching workshops and working with participants in a poetry environment.

Our work is concentrated in areas where we have Programme Coordinators: London, North South East and East, South West and the Midlands.

Please note we aren’t an agent and you shouldn’t rely on Apples and Snakes to generate work for you.

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