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Poetry Organisations

ABC Tales www.ABCtales.com
Submit a story and gain exposure.

ALCS www.alcs.co.uk
The Author's Licensing and Collecting Society.

Blue Nose Poets http://www.netkonect.co.uk                                        London based national organisation. Provides workshops, cross-artform events, courses, poetry competitions and services.

Five Leaves Publications www.fiveleaves.co.uk           
Small, independent Nottingham based publisher specialising in fiction, poetry, Social history, young adult amongst others.

Katabais www.katabais.co.uk
Down to earth utopian poetry and prose from home and abroad.

National Poetry Day nationalpoetryday.org/
National Poetry Day is an annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical.

Poetry Archive www.poetryarchive.org
A collection of recordings of poets reading their own works, with texts and other very useful resources.

Poetry Book Society www.poetrybooks.org.uk                                      Founded by TS Elliot 1953, the PBS is an organisation devoted to developing and maintaining a readership for Poetry in the UK.

Poetry Can http://www.poetrycan.co.uk/                                               
A portal to poetry in the South West of England.

Poetry Daily www.cstone.net/%7Epoems                                              
The urge to
"tie a poem to a chair and torture confession out of it" lessens when poetry arises freshly each day.

Poetry Library www.poetrylibrary.org.uk                                 
The most comprehensive and accesible collection of poetry from 1912 in Britain.

Poetry Society www.poetrysociety.org.uk                                             Charitable organisation established 1909, promotes highest quality poets, hosts events and provides development through education work. Website and publication offers extensive information on the poetry world.

Poets on Fire http://poetsonfire.blogspot.com/
Dedicated to promoting live poetry and poetry in performance across the UK.

Rise Londonwide Youth Slam                                www.poetrysociety.org.uk/content/competitions/rise
12-18 yrs old and got something to say about respect?

The Poetry Kit www.poetrykit.org                                                         
A plethora of international information for the aspiring poet.

The Poetry Foundation http://www.poetryfoundation.org/ 
Long standing, highly reputed American organisation dedicated to bringing poetry to a wider community.

The Poetry Trust www.thepoetrytrust.org                                           
One of the Uk's Poetry flagship's, delivers a year round live and digital program, creative education opportunities, courses, prizes and publications.

Survivers Poetry  www.survivorspoetry.com
A London-based National arts charity that works to support, promote and publish the poetry of people who have been through, or are currently in, the UK’s mental health system.

Write Out Loud www.writeoutloud.net//public/index.php
A performance poetry website for poets, organisers and audiences. They work hard to encourage ordinary people - secret poets - to come out and share their poems in public.

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