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Listing your work

The majority of organisations will have a means to advertise events and create an audience for your work.  Of course the best way to spread the word is through social network sites like facebook, but here are some of the regional listing websites and publications:

•    http://poetsonfire.blogspot.com/ - National
•    http://www.cypruswell.com/index.php - South West
•    http://www.writeoutloud.net/public/index.php- National
•    http://247magazine.co.uk/ - South West
•    http://www.venue.co.uk/ - Bristol & Bath
•    http://www.bigartweb.plus.com/gaf/ - Gloucestershire arts forum website
•    http://dorset.greatbritishlife.co.uk/ - Dorset Magazine
•    http://www.cartwheels-collective.co.uk/Spoken_Written_Bulletin.html - Brilliant e-newsletter that covers the South West.



















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