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Poetry and literature festivals in the South West


Glastonbury Festival
The most famous of all South West festivals if not the UK, Glastonbury seems to be where every poet wants to perform. However with its huge programme across all performance art, Poetry is but a small section of the festival. Apples & Snakes do not programme spoken word at Glastonbury, but you can apply to perform with the organisation Poetry and Words. Competition is tough and places are limited, poetryandwords@hotmail.co.uk, you are more likely to meet lots of poets at a literature festival like those below and experience is everything:

Swindon Festival of Literature
Takes place in May each year. Over the last two decades, Swindon Festival of Literature has welcomed writers, speakers, workshop leaders, and performers from a wide range of backgrounds. It is a down-to-earth festival of ideas, thriving, well-organised, and independent. Its passion and founding spirit is rooted in love of the word, good reading, exploratory talk, finding out about things, making connections, and the notion that life is for learning, and, where possible, pleasure. www.swindonfestivalofliterature.co.uk

Frome Festival
With local readings and programmed poetry shows - http://www.fromefestival.co.uk/

Bath Literature Festival
Renowned historical city festival http://www.bathlitfest.org.uk/


Sidmouth Literary Festival
Sun, Sea, and Books in Sidmouth for readers and writers

Aeon Festival
Is now in its 2nd year and has a particularly good spoken word cabaret tent http://www.aeonfestival.com/

Exeter Poetry Festival
In its 2nd year a festival with National poets, talks, readings and performances


St. Ives
Popular traditional literature festival - http://www.stiveslitfest.co.uk/

Port Elliot Festival
Taking place in the beautiful St. Germans, Cornwall, Port Elliot is a rich mix of readings, performance, music, seminars, visual arts and talks with literature at its heart. Great for artists who can offer workshops/talks and performances http://www.porteliotfestival.com/


Poole Literature Festival
‘The past, present and future of the written word’ - http://www.poolelitfest.com/

With its historical literature connections, Bridport puts on a successful literature festival each year - http://www.bridport-arts.com/bridport-literary-festival


Cheltenham Poetry Festival
A new festival with an emphasis on diversity, readings, multimedia and musical poetry all welcome - http://www.cheltenhampoetryfest.co.uk/


The Bristol Spring Poetry Festival
In April and May takes place across the city and has a diverse range of performances. Find out more by contacting Poetry Can admin@poetrycan.co.uk


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