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Working in Education and Participation


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At Apples and Snakes we place education at the centre of our work. We have a long history of working in education. We work with young people as participants, artists and audience members, with a focus on working with socially excluded communities and those at risk. We aim to find new voices, connect with the community, and work on a local, national and international level. Our commitment is to stretch the idea of what poetry is and can be in both participation and performance. We work with a dynamic and diverse range of poets to deliver this. Our successful Poets in Education Scheme (PiES) has been established since 1993 and since then we have worked in prisons, libraries, schools and community centres to deliver our mission. These have included taking poets onto buses and into local supermarkets, as well as working with photographers, musicians and visual artists to look at fresh and unusual ways to engage people with poetry. Our role with these bookings is to connect the school or community group with an artist who is suitable for their workshop/project (for example, celebrating Black History Month or National Poetry Day).

Projects: We regularly work on projects which give participants (children, young people and adults) the chance to hone their writing and performance skills over a longer period of time. Sometimes we take a back seat on projects. Our role within these projects is often a bit more hands on as we use our expertise to help shape, monitor and evaluate the work. We are in place to support the artist and to guide the teachers. Where does our education work come from?The majority of our education work is reactive which means it comes to us from schools and other organisations who contact us because they wish to work with poets on a project they have funding for. We use our expertise to select the artist/s, shape the project, administrate and evaluate. On occasion we are more pro-active in our approach and will set up a project with a specific group of young people and facilitating artists. Of course, this method of working is more labour intensive, and can take place on a much longer scale, considering fundraising requirements.

Teacher training Our training packages offer tailored professional development for education professionals. This typically consists of INSET (In Service Training) for teachers to demonstrate how poetry can be taught more creatively and effectively in the classroom. It is also a chance for an Apples and Snakes representative to introduce the work we do, and to talk to teachers about how to engage poets to work with them in schools.

Performances for young people We create pioneering performance poetry shows for families, children and young people. It is worth checking the website to see what shows we have touring at present.


We are interested to hear from new artists to work with in the delivery of our education programme, who meet the following criteria: 

o   are interesting and dynamic writers and performer

o   offer something to Apples and Snakes that no other artist can

o   are tuned into what Apples and Snakes’ vision aims to deliver

o   are inspirational and exciting artists to work with

o   offer quality provision


Send in your CV, example of your work (CD’s, written, audio) and an idea for a lesson plan or education project that you would like to deliver – or have delivered.

If from the information you send in, we feel that you could fit with the work that we are doing, we would then come and observe you teaching one or two workshops, often with different groups in order to get a sense of how you work. This can take some time to organise as our education programme is very busy and time limited.

After observing your sessions, we may invite you to become one of our education artists or invite you to apply to our training course, or suggest some additional training that we feel would be beneficial before we were able to work with you.  It is also possible that at this stage we may feel that your work doesn’t fit with our vision and we would then recommend other organisations for you to contact.

In addition, we sometimes ask artists that have no experience of education work to apply for our training programme, as we feel they have lots to offer. This scheme aims to give artists the skills and knowledge they need to work in a variety of educational settings. Alongside this we have an ongoing programme of professional development (Artist Development) for our artists already working in education and it will sometimes be possible to offer places on this training to new or potential artists.

Before artists can work in Apples and Snakes Poets in Education Scheme they need to fulfil the following requirements:


Artists already working in education:

o  All artists wishing to work on PiES must have first been programmed for two Apples and Snakes events.

o  Artists must have been observed and approved by an Apples and Snakes representative in the age group they will be working with

o  Artists must have a current CRB check (in the last 2 years)

o  Artists must agree to the Apples and Snakes Child Protection Policy, Health & Safety Policy and sign the Apples and Snakes code of conduct

o  Artists must have attended at least one Apples and Snakes training sessions for working in education

In addition to the above artists who have never worked in education and participation before must also attended an Apples and Snakes training programme for working in education when a place becomes available.

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