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Aidan Clarke

Aidan Clarke

He walks by night through empty streets


Aidan Clarke started writing in 1975 and spent the next 35 years doing one man shows with zero audience other from trees and fields. This allowed him to develop his own style and build up a considerable body of work uninfluenced by deadlines or other people’s expectations.

Having spent 2 years writing some 80 final versions of a 5-city poem called World Wide Wait, he felt he had to perform it publicly and this led to his 2010 discovery of the joy and challenge of performing to an audience actually containing people.

Other poetry includes:
Captain Cook’s Wife (4 poems)
The Great Fire of London (12 poems)
April Foolish project (32 poems)
Whistler’s Mother

He has also written novels ( The Whole Caboodle, Humanimals), plays (Night School, Thatcher the First, The Thane of Sedgefield) and non-fiction Tell Nobody, The Geordie Sorrow). A 1991 work called Economics from up the Garden Path might have spared the world a few major problems had it not, like all the above, remained unpublished.

He represented the North East at the Deke Omeje Memorial Slam in Manchester in 2011.

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