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Performance poets

Apples and Snakes work with performance poets, writers and storytellers from across the UK and further afield.

Learn more about all our artists and their work, and see them in action through our growing selection of performance films.
To find a particular artist, or to filter by art form (e.g. storyteller, rapper), please use the Search by Poet application on the right side of the screen. If you are looking for further information about artists working with our Participation and Education department, on schools and outreach projects, please direct the search by using the drop down menu and selecting education poets.


Charlie Jordan

A broadcaster, poet, event host and workshop facilitator: Charlie Jordan is an outstanding communicator.
As a poet, Charlie has a residency at WBA...


Cherry Smyth

Cherry Smyth is an Irish writer, living in London. Her debut poetry collection, When the Lights Go Up was published by Lagan Press, 2001. Her...


Cheryl Martin

Cheryl’s worked as a poet, playwright and director, and was a former Associate Director, New Writing/New Work at Contact and Director-in-Residence...


Chloe Poems

Chloe Poems has toured nationally with her full length theatre shows, Knockers, Chloe Poems Healing Roadshow, Universal Rentboy, Kinky and ME...


Choman Hardi

Dr. Choman Hardi was born in Kurdistan just before her family fled to Iran. She returned to her hometown at the age of five and lived there until she...


Chris Redmond

Chris Redmond is a performance poet, musician and educator who weaves tall tales from a broad pallet of James Brown concerts, journey's via...

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